Kismat (2004)

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Director: Guddu Dhanoa
Star Casts: Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra and Kabir Bedi
Review :
Tony is work for a gangster vikas patil as his hit man. Vikas patil owes his allegiance to a wealthy man Raj Mallya. He is involved in marketing specious and out dated drugs. It’s become a subject of investigation by the Food & Drugs Administration’s inspector Dr. Hargobind Gosai. Raj asks Vikas to take care of Hargobind through Tony, which Tony does, and in this manner, Raj is absolved of all wrong-doing. Tony Meets a girl named Sapna and fall in love with her. But he is heart broken when sapna tell her she is engaged with Dr. Ajay Saxena and soon they get married. Then a scandal breaks out and Hargobind is implicated in the deaths of three children that were killed by Raj’s spurious drugs. Hargobind is helpless no lawyer want to take his case and all the evidences against him. His wife kill herself as a result the marriage of his daughter has been canceled. Then Tony comes to know sapna is Hargobind’s daughter. Sapna is fighting for his father, and Tony decides to help her…

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Kismat (2004), 5.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings